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Jul 24, 2003

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Giftsprings Specials and F*reebies Ezine
July 24, 2003
Liz Hekimian-Williams
Publisher and Editor,
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Copyright 2003  All Rights Reserved
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Table of Contents:
1.   Editor's notes
2.   Inspirational thought
3.   Giftsprings Featured sales items
4.   Internet F*reebie finds
5.   Readers Write in
6.   Ad swaps
7.   Feature Article : Home of the Year
8.   More Internet F*reebie finds
9.   Riddle
10. Subscriber exchange ads
11. Home Business Tips
12. Ad swaps & other tidbits
13. Riddle answer
14. Sales and Bargains Elsewhere
15. Valued Readers Notice
16. Subscription management
See today's featured sale items at Giftsprings here...
1. Editor's Notes

What a great couple of weeks! Hope yours have been good as
well. We celebrated my birthday, but that's not all...
My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary!
So, we went out on a romantic sunset dinner-dance cruise
and dreamed of another 20 years together...
(And guess what...we didn't even break the bank on this outing
because we used a buy one-get one free coupon from, you guessed
it, the Entertainment Book of coupons). So what did we do with
the savings? We went out for ice cream afterwards, of course!
One of my other passions.
And what of the store? Giftsprings is going full steam ahead!
We keep adding great items for you and keep making positive
enhancements for your shopping convenience!
Like what?
We've added an express shopping feature that you can use to
order quickly by code numbers if you have one of our catalogs
or if you browse one day and write down item numbers that
you plan on ordering on another day- you can just add in item
numbers to your basket and they'll pop right in there now. You
can find this feature on the Basket Contents page.
And, we moved the search field top and center for easier
searching by item name (for instance, so you can type in
horse when you're looking for any horse related gift or home
decor item). We also added a new section for safari home decor.
We're also pleased to share that we've opened up a new
Wholesale Support Center for our partnering retailers and
wholesale distributors. We'll be adding and expanding that area
more in the coming months and notifying wholesale customers
of more details related to this soon.
Whew! See, we've been busy.
But... we also have plans to reorganize the shopping categories
of the website in the next few months as well! This will be a large
undertaking but will improve ease of finding products for you,
so you can browse and shop in a variety of different ways.
By the way, we are looking for sales reps in various locations
to call and visit shops in your area to acquire new retail accounts
that will carry our products. So contact us about this if you have
experience doing this and would like to represent our offerings.
I hope you'll read on below because we're featuring some great
sale items this week, many are new arrivals and there's a really
interesting item I'd love to hear your reaction to. You'll see what
I mean if you go look at it.
Keep on smiling because it's still summertime! So after you read,
work and shop ... go play a little! :)
Liz Hekimian-Williams
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2. Inspirational Thought For Your Day
There's this kid's Christmas sing-a-long song
where this snow creature is getting a lesson on
how to change for the better one step at a time...
I found myself humming the tune today... so
here's your inspirational thought for the day...
" Just put one foot in front of the other, and soon
you'll be walking out the door! "
3. Giftsprings Featured Sale and Bargain Items
33849 Frosted Angel Statue with Multicolor Light
Sale price now  $15.95 (msrp $29.95)
33861 Pewter Frame with Glow-in-the-Dark Flowers
Sale price now $6.35  (msrp $11.95)
33889 Fabric Santa Family (It's Christmas in July time!)
Get this wonderful set before they sell out closer to the holidays!)
Sale price now $57.95 (msrp $ 119.95)!!
33547 Candy Cane Candles- Set of 4. (It's Christmas in July time!)
SALE price now $10.60  (msrp $ 19.95)
33601 Metal Bench With Leopard Print Cushion
(Teen girl's delight!)
SALE price now $53.30 (msrp $ 99.95)!!
33778 Cauliflower Cow (You must SEE this novelty
kitchen decor item. Bet your neighbor doesn't have it ...
but maybe it'll become the next craze LOL)
SALE price now $6.75 (msrp $ 9.95)
33765 Appetizer 4 piece Apple Plates Serving Set
Apple motif handle, with green metal stand included.
SALE price now $22.95 (msrp $32.95)
Giftsprings Storefront Specials
Giftsprings Bargain and Sale Center
Giftsprings New Monthly Arrivals section:

*Please note that offers at may be for
a limited time and depend on stock availability.
Giftsprings offers you discounts off retail on most items, f*ree gift
with purchase by qualifying purchase amount, and f*ree ground
shipping for retail customers on orders over $100.
Want to find out more about starting your own
gifts and home decor business? Interested in wholesale
pricing and becoming a work at home distributor? Find out
more here.
4. F*REEBIES Around The Web: (We often use the * or another
variation in the word f-r-e-e because this ezine uses that word quite
a bit and filters may block this newsletter from getting to you
otherwise. Also, we do not control or vouch for the below f*reebie
finds that we've discovered as they are from third parties.)
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F*ree Bumper Sticker "Kids Shouldn't Smoke" and spread the word.
Entertainment Book of Coupons-
F*ree Meals and Entertainment in your city! Books are only $10
now! Expire in November 2003, that's why they're reduced so
much now. New editions come out soon for 2004 at normal pricing.
5. Readers Write in:
Send your questions, feedback, comments for this
section to me with Subject line "Readers Write In"
to: Link Removed
"I was browsing through your website and was wondering
if you have any catalog you could send me? Thanks."
Yes, we have a large catalog with over 300 pages that you can
order online at this URL:
Or, you can browse our online catalog here:
Take care,
6. Ad swap
Whimsies! Personalized Gifts for all Occasions
Fun personalized gifts: comical personalized cartoon
pictures, personalized computer novelties, exciting
personalized gifts for ballroom dance lovers, silly
personalized gifts for pet lovers! Subscribe to our ezines
for your free gifts.  Come visit with us at
7. Feature Articles - "Home of the Year"
Home Of The Year
By David Leonhardt
We were gathered 'round the television, where Little Lady
was watching an episode of Stuart Little. The kids had
entered the mother for a Home Of The Year contest sponsored
by some fancy magazine, but she had fallen ill just before
"The Committee" was to visit.
I turned to my wife with yet another one of my
way-too-brilliant ideas. "Why don't we enter the Home Of
The Year contest?" I asked.
My wife looked around in horror. "What? With this place?"
Little Lady, just over two years old, was looking for the green
crayon. "Sure," I replied, obviously missing something.
"Why not? It's a great home."
"This place is a mess," my wife said in frustration, as she
started slipping the videos back into their sleeves. "What
magazine would call this home of the year? Dump Monthly?
Trash Can News? Oh, I know - Bad Housekeeping?"
Little Lady emptied the crayon box on the floor. "Oh come on,"
I answered. "This is a wonderful home full of love and joy. See
all the drawings taped to the wall?"
"In the Home Of The Year, there are no crayon drawings taped to
the wall," my wife explained with just a hint of patience. "There
might be an original Rembrandt or Van Gogh, or perhaps an
exceptional imitation. It would be placed in an elegant frame."
Little Lady found the green crayon. Now she needed a sheet of
paper on which to draw.
"I don't know," I hesitated. "Rembrandt and Van Gogh don't
sound very homey. I suspect you might find them in the Museum
Of The Year contest."
"Just look at this dust!" my wife cried. She blew on the top of
the television set, which temporarily vanished into the haze.
Little Lady emptied her bookshelf with one fell swoop, but still
could not find paper on which to draw.
"OK, so it's dusty," I admitted. "If we dusted more frequently,
we would spend less time together and it would be less of a
"The Home Of The Year contest Committee really does not care
whether we spend time together," my wife said. She headed
toward the kitchen in search of iced tea, nearly tripping over a
bag of clothes along the way. "They just want to see a spotless
house with all the classiest decorations."
Who needs paper, anyway. Little Lady found a blank spot on
the wall, and started applying her green crayon.
"Well, that might make a good House Of The Year, but a home
is a place to live in. It needs to exude love and comfort, not
cleanliness," I said.
Apparently, I was still clueless. "Homes of the year never
exude  love, and certainly not comfort," she explained,
picking up a  copy of Good Housekeeping from the floor.
"They are showcases  of a woman's ability to keep a house in
immaculate condition with  absolute precision ... despite
the presence of a male creature  around."
Ouch. Little Lady gleefully switched to the red crayon.
"Well I  don't know anything about keeping a house tidy, but
if that's  what the magazines want, why don't they call it
The Janitorial  Olympics?" I asked.
"I don't know. Maybe it's too hard for them to spell," my
wife  replied, smiling. "But they don't, so just get used to
reality.  We simply do not have even the slightest, tiniest,
most minuscule  hope of ever winning the Home Of The Year
By then, Little Lady had drawn three stick figures on the
wall. My home," she shouted, running to give Mommy a big hug.
I didn't need a magazine to tell me we already lived in the home
of the year. And if the dust doesn't kill us off first, we will
live there every year.
Author Resource Box:
The author is David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy, author of The Get
Happy Workbook at
and publisher of Your Daily Dose of Happiness at .
Visit his web site at .
Send your home and family, shopping, and/or inspirational
tips or articles for consideration to share with your fellow
subscribers or  with visitors to our website. Submit your
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Line: "Article and Tip  Submissions" and send email to:
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9. RIDDLE - from the Riddlenut
Here on Earth it's almost always true, that tomorrow will
follow today. Yet there is a place where yesterday always
follows today. Where is this place?
So... did you guess what it is?
Think and take a guess. You can see the answer further down
in this ezine...
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11. Home Business News, Resources, Tips:
Direct Sales Tips by Regina Baker - you can read it online at
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Sneak peek: You'll find 8 sales tips and she begins like this...
"As a direct salesperson, you serve a vital function in our society."
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12. AD SWAPS and Other Tidbits
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13. Riddle Answer:
In a dictionary!
14. Sales or Bargains Elsewhere:

Review of Service, offers a free gift card etc...
If you go to
you  will likely be offered a deal like "get a $20 Target
Gift Card" free  and get a two week free trial to
Well, I bit because I wanted to check it out and was looking
for  something for my younger daughter. Upon review of the
details  of the offer it seemed reasonable enough for a
Here's the scoop though.
There's a slight misleading that I didn't care for in that
you have to  actually pay $1 by credit card to get the free
trial, but then I  figured it was worth it for two weeks of
learning and entertainment  for my youngest daughter.
It has turned out to be just that. There's a catchy tunes,
good  characters in short movies which keep her attention
enough,  load in reasonable time frames (we have high speed
cable though  so I don't know how it would be on a phone
line), a lot of games  and areas to explore and learn with
and the best test ... my  daughter spontaneously asks to
play it almost every day.
However, here's what you need to keep in mind. This is
geared  towards kids only in the 3 to 8 year old range
(Cleverisland even  admits that), though I'd narrow it even
a bit more to say it will  appeal most to kids in the 4-7
age range. And, it costs somewhere  around $70 for the year,
but they will prorate refund you for  unused time depending
on when you cancel. They say it's only a  few bucks a month,
but be prepared that they will charge you  the entire year's
fee once your free trial period is over.
All in all I give it a rating of Good to Very Good for kids
4-6 years old.
But... are you sure you want to start sharing your computer? :)
Liz HW
Thanks for reading! Have a great week.
Liz Hekimian-Williams

15. Valued readers... please be careful...
Giftsprings accepts no responsibility for the content or
legality  of any third party's advertisement or content that
appears in any  of our ezine issues or on our website. It is
the advertiser's or other  party's responsibility to check
all laws pertaining to the products  or services they
advertise and advertise accordingly. Claims of how  much
money others or you can earn may not be representative of
your earnings if you join or participate in any offerings
through us  or through any other third parties. We encourage
you to support  us, our sponsors, guest writers, and
advertisers but we also urge  you to check out all business
opportunities and offers carefully.
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