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Home Decor Tips: What's a Glass Dolphin and My Kid's 3' Tall Trophy doing in my Living Room?

By Liz Hekimian-Williams, Giftsprings.com

I'm sitting here wondering about this question myself! What *is* a glass dolphin and a huge academic trophy doing in my living room? Is this the right home decorating mix? While I remember choosing the glass dolphin along with some other nautical decor as decorations for our living room, I did not select some other items that I'm noticing are now part of our living room decor! Clearly the kids have been adding their own special loves into our living room decor mix. These sneaky additions include a very large FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) state winner's trophy (related to my son's computer 'guruness' ), my daughter's academic medal celebrating her creativity, and even a medal for our dog! (She came in 2nd place in the "browser games" at a local park for doing a great job with her impromptu doggie tricks with my daughter's guidance). These items the kids have "featured" in our living room are now right in the middle of our oak entertainment center. I can't help thinking we must be breaking some professional home decorating rules. Talk about eclectic home decorating!

So, does this make any sense for home decorating? I'm sure some would say it doesn't, since my living room home decor, as it stands now, would not fit in with their expectations of what the coveted perfect model home interior decorating should look like.

However, perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and I like it. This home decorating scheme makes perfect sense for our family! Maybe you'll agree this is true for your family as well after you consider the following ideas about "whose living room is this anyway?".

You know how it's suggested that people incorporate some of their "loves" into their living space? Well, I think most people figure this means only the adults should be incorporating their loves into the living room space. Then they decide that all other kid-related loves should be relegated to the childrens' bedrooms. But guess what ... the living room or family room space, (we actually have a "great room " which is one big room combined), typically gets used and enjoyed by both the older and younger generations in many families. This is true in our family. So, it makes perfect sense that the kids would want to include some of their own decorating trinkets to proudly display in our important and central home interior space too!

And to tell you the truth, if our children are proud of their achievements and want to showcase them in our living room, we are certainly proud to include some of these items that help our children feel joyful. It is said you should decorate by featuring what you love. Then why not feature things representing our children, their accomplishments, and what THEY love as well? And while you may already feature family photos in your living room, which is a great start, maybe there's more you can showcase about your family and kids. Have you ever inadvertantly chased away your kids when they have tried to have you feature something else that is meaningful to them in the living room or family room space? Maybe you told them to put it in their own room. If it's really important to your child, you might want to re-think relegating that treasure to some hidden spot of the house.

Certainly there will be times you will need to set some limits on what's acceptable for the kids to include in the living room, or else your home decorating may go well beyond eclectic. For example, you may have to negotiate a certain place in the living room for their treasures or permit only a certain number of their featured items to display within the family's common space to keep everybody happy. (Yes, even I won't let the hermit crabs take up residence in my living room space!) But overall, you will be bringing more of what you love into your living space when you include your kid's cherished momentos. You'll not only be including your own eccentricities, but also the love of your children's!

Your kids will be delighted to be included (and you might discover that glow-in-the-dark things are fun for adults too). But what about your visitors who might question your home decorating choices? Well, they don't live there day in and day out like you and the children do. So while you might take their suggestions under consideration, you are the only one who ultimately knows what makes your heart smile and your family happy. Make your home decorating decisions accordingly. You'll know you made the right decorating decision when you enjoy that special feeling of pride and joy about your own, very unique, eclectic home decorating style-home decorating that includes your cherished family's loves as well.

Copyright 2005 Liz Hekimian-Williams, All rights reserved.

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Liz Hekimian-Williams writes for Giftsprings.com, an established online home and garden shop that features gifts, home decor and personalized gift ideas including custom engraved garden stones. You can visit Giftsprings year-round at http://www.giftsprings.com

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07:31PM Apr 27,2015
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