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Cozy Home Decorating Ideas for Winter

By Liz Hekimian-Williams, Giftsprings.com

When it gets cold outside, don't you just love the feeling you get when you snuggle up with something warm and cozy?

What if you could create that same warm feeling when you're inside at home, just by adding a few choice home decorating accessories? Well, you can!

Here are several cozy home decorating ideas to help you and your guests feel warmer at this time of year.

1. Move to Florida! Nah, just kidding.   :)

2. Get out your favorite throw or fleece blanket, or buy a new one, and place it on your sofa for cuddling. During the daytime or when not in use, you can drape it on the back of your sofa to enjoy the pattern or picture on it and add a bit of "warmth" to your room.

3. Get that fireplace going that's been inactive all year. And if you don't have a fireplace, it's a great time to get some candles glowing in your home.

4. Add the scent of cinnamon, vanilla or other "warm" aromas to please you while you're indoors. Try a scented candle or use a fragrant oil in an oil warmer. Or, cook up some treat that will please your tastebuds and fragrance your home as well. You can bake some cinnamon rolls or enjoy some spiced hot cider, for instance.

5. Add pillows and fluffiness. There are many types of decorative pillows you can add to your living room, family room, and to your beds. These are good accessories that add a cozy feel to your rooms and they also are just plain fun to use- under your head, over your legs, hugged between your arms, they actually do help to keep you warm besides those throws you've gotten out.

6. Even if you don't move to Florida, you can still transport yourself to a tropical climate and start anticipating spring by adding a flowering plant or some cut flowers to your kitchen or dining room table. Include some palm tree low wattage lamps by your reading nook or on your nightstand. Get a CD of some Jimmy Buffet island music and enjoy relaxing to those tropical tunes.

So let the right textures, sights, scents and sounds hug you. And let your imagination take you to warmer places and no cares.

Copyright 2004 Liz Hekimian-Williams, Giftsprings

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05:54PM Apr 19,2015
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