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Feb 24, 2004

Your new issue of Giftsprings Home Life Ezine is here!


Giftsprings Home Life Ezine
(previously named Giftsprings Specials and F*reebies Ezine)
February 24, 2004

Liz Hekimian-Williams, Publisher / Editor -

Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved

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Table of Contents:

1. Editor's notes
2. Inspirational thought
3. Giftsprings Featured SALE Items
4. Feature article (1): Cozy Home Decorating Ideas for Winter
5. Riddle
6. F*reebies Around the Web
7. Ad swaps, Readers share & other tidbits
8. Business Ads and Home Business Tips
9. Feature article (2): Don't Take Things So Seriously
10. Riddle answer
11. Disclaimers and Consumer notices
12. Subscription management

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1. Editor's Notes

Hi there!
OK, we're way on the other side of 2004 now, aren't we?!
Hope your new year has been going very well.
Have you been waiting to find out who the winner of
our last giveaway was? We'll get to that in a moment...
Good thing I warned you that you might not hear from
me again until after the new year started. 
The flu wiped out my whole family (yes, me too)  
throughout Christmas, New Year's, and even the first
week back to school. (Only my husband escaped the
flu wrath, lucky guy!)
We had fevers up to 105 F and one of my daughters
had to get an IV to get rehydrated because she couldn't
hold anything down and it was impossible to even give
her any medicine to try to reduce her fever.
Doesn't that all sound like fun? The fun part was when
we all got better, we needed to catch up with everything
else in our lives. Things sure pile up fast. But, we're
all back to normal again and I'm looking forward to
staying in touch with you again.
Well we've been adding new items at Giftsprings as we do
each month, but sometimes we add new product lines as
well. I want to make sure you know that one of our newer
product lines is Pencil Portraits from Photos! We have an
artist who will now take your photo image and draw the
person or persons (or pets) in the photo, then your artwork
gets matted and sent to you for your own use or for you
to give as a unique gift. You can even have names
personalized on it if you'd like. 
In other news, we are have a new poll going right now
and I want to hear from you! So please go vote here: - Just scroll down to the bottom
and you'll see it. We want your opinion and that way you
can help us make decisions about product lines to add!
And drum roll... The winner of our last giveaway... for Sad
Sam (the cute plush dog) was lucky subscriber...
Otis Holtsclaw!
His reaction to winning was: "WOW! COOL! I love dogs
and this will be a nice addition to my collection! I love
your website and all the nice things you have, and at great
prices too.Thank you for making this old man in a wheelchair
happy!" We're glad Sad Sam found a new home with you
Otis, enjoy!
Don't miss the articles below and the featured sale items
in this issue. Take a look...
Take care,
Liz Hekimian-Williams
You can feel free to email me your comments, questions,
and anything else you'd like to share with me or in this
ezine here: [email address removed]
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2. Inspirational Thought For Your Day

Take 15 minutes today to do something just for you.
Something you do not normally do, but wish you
had time to do. Include it in your plan for the day.
Make it a priority today.

3. Your Giftsprings Featured Sale Items ...

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4. Feature Article (1):Cozy Home Decorating Ideas for Winter
Cozy Home Decorating Ideas for Winter
Copyright 2004, Liz Hekimian-Williams

When it gets cold outside, don't you just love the feeling
you get when you snuggle up with something warm
and cozy?
What if you could create that same warm feeling when you're
inside at home, just by adding a few choice home decorating
accessories? Well, you can!
Here are several cozy home decorating ideas to help you
and your guests feel warmer at this time of year.
1. Move to Florida! Nah, just kidding.   :)
2. Get out your favorite throw or fleece blanket, or buy a new
one, and place it on your sofa for cuddling. During the daytime
or when not in use, you can drape it on the back of your sofa
to enjoy the pattern or picture on it and add a bit of "warmth"
to your room.
3. Get that fireplace going that's been inactive all year. And
if you don't have a fireplace, it's a great time to get some
candles glowing in your home.
4. Add the scent of cinnamon, vanilla or other "warm"
aromas to please you while you're indoors. Try a scented
candle or use a fragrant oil in an oil warmer. Or, cook up
some treat that will please your tastebuds and fragrance
your home as well. You can bake some cinnamon rolls or
enjoy some spiced hot cider, for instance.
5. Add pillows and fluffiness. There are many types of
decorative pillows you can add to your living room, family
room, and to your beds. These are good accessories that
add a cozy feel to your rooms and they also are just plain
fun to use- under your head, over your legs, hugged
between your arms, they actually do help to keep you
warm besides those throws you've gotten out.
6. Even if you don't move to Florida, you can still transport
yourself to a tropical climate and start anticipating spring
by adding a flowering plant or some cut flowers to your
kitchen or dining room table. Include some palm tree low
wattage lamps by your reading nook or on your nightstand.
Get a CD of some Jimmy Buffet island music and enjoy
relaxing to those tropical tunes.
So let the right textures, sights, scents and sounds hug you.
And let your imagination take you to warmer places and
no cares.

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5. RIDDLE - from the Riddlenut
If you have two coins which total 35 cents and one of the coins
is not a dime, what are the two coins?
So... did you guess what it is?

Think and take a guess. You can see the answer further down
in! this ezine...

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7. Ad swaps, Readers Share and Other Tidbits

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8. Business Ads and Home Business Tips


Please visit this week's Business Ads Page and review offers
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ads help our subscriber base grow and also help keep this
ezine free for you just might find something of
real interest and benefit to you!

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9. Feature Article (2): Don't Take Things So Seriously!
Don't take things so seriously!

By Edward B. Toupin

Life is sometimes just what it is. Sometimes you can control
a situation and other times you cannot. However, we
sometimes become so caught up in the direction and desire
that we lose concept of the current location and the
ultimate destination.

Don't allow things to interfere with your life by absorbing
them into your soul and mental workings. It is important
to be responsible for yourself and your actions, but not
about those things that just go on around you.

Take the time to enjoy the journey and don't worry so
much about the destination. If we're only worried about
where we're going, then we'll miss out on the small gifts
and the important lessons that we need to learn along
the way.

Take the time to see the humorous side of life's
occurrences instead of the horrific side of every event.
For those events that we cannot control, just enjoy the
process and let it slide. Grab what you can out of the
situation and let it go by without interfering with your
direction and desires. For those things that you can
control, realize that they are simply part of your life and
desired direction. Work to make them benefit you and
enjoy the process that you made happen.

When you accept responsibility for situations that affect
you and enjoy the humorous side of life, your perspective
and your approach will be more balanced. You will be able
to function better under stress and be able to move
forward with ease.

Realize that we all fail or make mistakes at some time in our
life. Lighten up! You'll bounce back from disappointments
and embarrassing moments more quickly, and more people
will have a greater respect for you --- and you for yourself.

--- About the Author ---

Edward B. Toupin is an author, life-strategy coach, counselor,
Reiki Master, technical writer, and PhD Candidate living in
Las Vegas, NV. Among other things, he authors books,
articles, and screenplays on topics ranging from career success
through life organization and fulfillment. Check out some
of his recent print and electronic books as well as his articles
covering various life-changing topics!

For more information, e-mail Edward at [email address removed]
or visit his site at or!

Copyright (c) 2004 Edward B. Toupin

10. Riddle Answer:
A quarter and a dime. One coin is not a dime,
but the other one is.

Hope you have a great week!
Liz Hekimian-Williams

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