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Oct 23, 2003

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Giftsprings Specials and F*reebies Ezine
October 23, 2003

Liz Hekimian-Williams, Publisher / Editor
[email address removed]

Copyright 2003  All Rights Reserved

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Table of Contents:

1.   Editor's notes
2.   Inspirational thought
3.   Giftsprings Featured SALE Items
4.   Internet f*reebie finds
5.   Readers write in
6.   Ad swaps
7.   Feature article: Soothing Symbols as Home Decor? 
8.   More internet f*reebie finds
9.   Riddle
10. Subscriber exchange ads
11. Home business tips: Subscriber free business ad,
Marlon Sanders new product release
12. Ad swaps & other tidbits
13. Riddle answer
14. Sales and bargains elsewhere
15. Valued readers disclaimer notice
16. Subscription management

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1. Editor's Notes

Hi, hope you're having a wonderful week.
Just a few quick notes- 
The winner of our large catalog giveaway last month is
It was Betty from Alabama! We posted her winner's reaction
online for you to read.  
Also, we are adding some beautiful crocks that you can
order personalized! So far we have two posted online
for ordering, both of these have golf related images and
you can personalize with a name or address. Here are the
urls for these two new items:
We'll soon be adding more crocks so there will be other 
images (not golf related) available too ...
I've been thinking of changing the title of the Giftsprings ezine
and wanted to get your ideas too- so if you have a suggestion
let me know here: [email address removed]
I'd like to incorporate something about home and family or
home and garden, or ??? What's YOUR idea?
Everything on the home front seems to be calm lately.
There is some excitement building as we near the end of the
month and candy day. The kids are looking forward to
getting all those candy treats for Halloween. They usually
end up with quite a bit so the candy typically lasts for many
I was thinking about soothing images and symbols and it
resulted in my writing "Soothing Symbols as Home Decor?"
So I hope you'll enjoy the article (below) and to stay with 
the theme, we put some related items on sale for you. They
are also featured below.

Enjoy and take it easy, 

Liz Hekimian-Williams

Send your comments, questions, and anything you'd like to
share in this ezine here: [email address removed]
Use subject line: For Gssf Ezine


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2. Inspirational Thought For Your Day

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.
- Henry Ford 

3. Giftsprings Featured Sale and Bargain Items

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5. Readers Write in:

Send your questions, feedback, comments for this
section to me with Subject line "Gssf Readers Write In"
to: [email address removed]
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purchase of an out of stock item?" -Scott
"Just email us at our support email address with the inventory
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add you to our item in-stock notification list. When the item
you're interested in is back in stock, we will email you to let
you know!"
-Giftsprings Support

6. Ad swap

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7. Feature Article

Soothing Symbols as Home Decor? 
By Liz Hekimian-Williams,
Did you know that our bodies can automatically react   
to certain environmental changes and stimuli, even to
symbols you might use as decorative accents? I have
a little experiment for you to try in a moment so you can 
experience the power of this idea. Once you see the 
reactions that can occur, you may find you will want to
to use this idea towards creating more soothing
and peaceful home and office surroundings. 
You can try this brief experiment to see how your body
and mind reacts to some changes... Right now, pretend
you are angry for a moment- feel the tension in your
forehead, the wrinkles starting to form as you frown and
all that... also, lean forward right now in your chair and
clench your fists. Hold this and let yourself think an
unpleasant thought. But now, let's change something- 
force your mouth muscles into a big smile and hold it there,
smile! Now lean back in your chair. Hold this reclined
position. Also, loosen up your hands again and keep a
gentle smile... So, how are you feeling now?
Most people report feeling they are unable to continue
feeling angry and that they become relaxed. Yet all they
changed were positions of their own body muscles! Did
you realize that there are certain things our bodies become
conditioned to with repeated exposure. For instance, when
we recline in a chair, our brains interpret this posture as,
"ah, I am relaxed." So simple physical posture changes 
can trigger automatic changes in a person's thoughts and
Here's an example of how things in your surroundings
can trigger changes in your thoughts and feelings. 
Picture a place you have enjoyed visiting. It's like the 
sights and sounds there speak to your soul! Can't you
suddenly get lost in that place, feel lighter, more at ease? 
There are certain symbols that many of us have become 
conditioned to throughout the years and that prompt
changes in our thoughts and feelings as well. For instance,
does saluting the flag or singing the national anthem
ever get you feeling patriotic, teary eyed or choked up?
If so, you are reacting to the symbolism, to that imagery,
to those sounds.
Now that you can see the power of symbols and how
they can prompt certain reactions, why not use this
to your advantage in creating more soothing surroundings
at work and at home? 
Here is a list of several symbols that are have been used
throughout the ages to represent such things as
peace, tranquility, serenity, balance, faith, hope and
goodwill. You may wish to consider one or more of these
elements in your decorating plans since many individuals
react favorably to these symbols and enjoy their essence. 
-Dove of peace
-Angels (some even have angels holding a dove of peace)
-Serenity prayer or other prayer for joy or peace
-Peace sign
-Bless this home
-Native American peace pipes and such replicas 
-Water element or fountain
-Yin yang (balance)
-Peace crane
-Color blue
-Color white
-Olive branch
-Chinese characters proclaiming peace, joy, love or harmony
As you discover that your body and mind reacts to soothing
symbols, you will want to consider including some of these 
symbolic elements when decorating your office or home.
Adding these accents will not only help you feel more relaxed 
and inspired, but will also help your visitors experience your 
surroundings as more soothing and inviting. 
About the Author: 
Liz Hekimian-Williams is founder of, an online
gifts and home decor resource where you can find a large
selection of indoor and outdoor home decorating accents
Copyright 2003 Liz Hekimian-Williams, Giftsprings
This article may be freely reprinted as long as the article is
not altered and the About the Author resource box along with
any active links are included with the article. 


Send your home and family, shopping, and/or inspirational
tips or articles for consideration. Use subject line:
"Gssf Article and Tip  Submissions", send to:
[email address removed]


F*ree "How Stuff Works" Article...

Nuevo-Riche - How the New $20 Bill Works

With the recent introduction of the new $20 bill, the U.S.
Treasury has introduced a whole new element to the dollar:
color. That's right -- the trusty green is now accompanied
by a few more shades. Learn about the new look of the
currency and about the benefits of the added features.


F*ree  Sample of Ola Loa "Drink Your Vitamins"

9. RIDDLE - from the Riddlenut

Brad stared through the dirty soot-smeared window on the
22nd floor of the office tower. Overcome with depression he
slid the window open and jumped through it. It was a sheer
drop outside the building to the ground. Miraculously after
he landed he was completely unhurt. Since there was nothing
to cushion his fall or slow his descent, how could he have
survived the fall?

So... did you guess what it is?

Think and take a guess. You can see the answer further down
in this ezine...

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11. Home Business News, Resources, Tips:
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12. AD SWAPS and Other Tidbits

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13. Riddle Answer:

Brad was so sick and tired of window washing, he opened
the window and jumped inside.

14. Sales, Novelties, or Bargains Elsewhere:
Good deal! 97 cent shipping on over 200 toys at Wal-Mart!

Have a great week!

Liz Hekimian-Williams

15. Valued readers... please be careful...

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