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Sep 25, 2003

Here's your newest issue of Giftsprings Specials and F*reebies ezine

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Giftsprings Specials and F*reebies Ezine
Sept. 24, 2003

Liz Hekimian-Williams, Publisher / Editor
[link removed]

Copyright 2003  All Rights Reserved

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Table of Contents:

1.   Editor's notes
2.   Inspirational thought
3.   Giftsprings Featured SALE Items
4.   Internet f*reebie finds
5.   Readers write in
6.   Ad swaps
7.   Feature article: The Power of Keeping Lists
8.   More internet f*reebie finds
9.   Riddle
10. Subscriber exchange ads
11. Home business tips: Get People to Remember Your Name
12. Ad swaps & other tidbits
13. Riddle answer
14. Sales and bargains elsewhere
15. Valued readers disclaimer notice
16. Subscription management

See today's featured sale items at Giftsprings here...

1. Editor's Notes

Hi, how are you? I'm so glad to touch base with you again.
It's been very hectic, which is good for business, fun for
the family, but makes it more challenging to get everything
done on time! 
I've also been having new life experiences with my my
middle school daughter- track meets- I've basically been
a soccer mom with my son all these years, so these
track meets are quite a change for me. It's also been 
inspirational to see how my daughter keeps on trying,
practicing, running, even though she is "only" a 6th grader,
tiny at that, and is competing against all these "giant" 7th
and 8th graders.
She's got spunk, doesn't she? 
She actually came in 3rd out of 6, in one of her track meet
races. Way to go! So take this with you today- when you
think you can't, give it your best shot anyway and feel
good about your efforts.
I want to let you know we have a confirmed winner for
our August drawing... and the winner was... Susan from
Florida... this time it was someone from our own state!
She received a f*ree log cabin wood picture frame from
Giftsprings. Congratulations again Susan!

This month we're giving away one of our large catalogs. We'll
draw a name from all who enter- those newly subscribing to
this ezine, or those who reconfirm their subscriptions by
entering on our popunder window. We post the w*inner on
our current promotions page once the person has replied
to our notification email. Please see an important question
about this under Reader's Write In below.
Well, it looks like our custom engraved stones are a hit!
Orders are coming in steady for these and folks are pleased.
You might look at these the next time you want to make up
a unique personalized gift. Plan ahead for your special
personalized holiday gift. You can learn more or order from here:

We hope you enjoy the featured items we've placed on sale
for you this time around and find something of interest that
you can bring home.
Have a great week,   

Liz Hekimian-Williams

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2. Inspirational Thought For Your Day

"Always bear in mind that our own resolution to
succeed is more important than any other one thing."

-Abraham Lincoln

3. Giftsprings Featured Sale and Bargain Items
Don't miss this new arrival!
33795 Angel and Fireman Night Light
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21544 Mini Porcelain Aladdin Style Oil Lamps 
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Halloween Fun...
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30727 Merlin Conjuring up Spell
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Giftsprings Storefront Specials


Giftsprings Bargain Center


Giftsprings New Arrivals section:

*Please note that some offers at may be
for a limited time. Some items sell out and can become
unavailable temporarily until back in stock or permanently
discontinued. When you see something you want, order
it right away to avoid disappointment. 

Giftsprings offers you discounts off retail on most items,
f*ree gift with purchase on orders over $50 and f*ree
ground shipping for retail customers on orders over $100.


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4. F*REEBIES Around The Web:

F*ree Protect the Arctic Kit and Video


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F*ree books from Harlequin, with f*ree shipping

F*ree 2004 BBold Calendar


F*ree Coin from Treasure Ireland!


Entertainment Book of Coupons-
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5. Readers Write in:

Send your questions, feedback, comments for this
section to me with Subject line "Gssf Readers Write In"
to: [link removed]

Regarding some folks not responding to our monthly
complimentary gift winner's email notice we send...
"Why not send the winner's notification as another type
of message, known only to members. I think many people
are so angry at the constant bombardment by s-pammer
with e-mails stating "YOU HAVE W*ON A P-RIZE" that
they are leary of answering and just scrap them -- or their
programs do."         - Chris
We are still experimenting to see which subject lines
are most effective. Once we settle on a good possibility
or get some feedback to the below question, we may 
announce it as you suggest in this ezine... meanwhile...
Do YOU have a specific suggestion as to a subject line
we could use for this important notice that you'd need
to respond to? What should we write as the subject line
to our w*inner's email that YOU would open and pay
attention to, rather than delete? 
Send your ideas in! Use subject line:
gssf contest subject line idea:

6. Ad swap

Whimsies! Personalized Gifts for all Occasions
Fun personalized gifts: comical personalized cartoon
pictures, personalized computer novelties, exciting
personalized gifts for ballroom dance lovers, silly
personalized gifts for pet lovers! Subscribe to our ezines
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7. Feature Article

The Power of Keeping Lists

How do you balance work and family, keep things from falling
out of the loop, and be as productive as possible at all times?
These questions plague people in all walks of life - Home office
professionals, CEOs & Executives, and Domestic Engineers too.

Keeping a schedule is a nice thought, but it doesn't work for
everyone. Take home office professionals for instance - Their
schedule is usually flexible. They could try setting up a specific
schedule, but the downside is that they might find themselves
shuffling appointments more often than they're getting things

And that's where the beauty of lists comes in. By making a
list for specific items, you're not bound to doing things at
a certain time of day. And you don't have to stop and think
about what to do next.

Let's look at an example. One daily time consumer for me
was deciding what to have for supper each night. This decision
usually hit me between 3:30 and 4:30 every afternoon, when
I was trying to wrap up the day's work. Every day, someone
would ask, "What's for supper?" and I'd be completely
distracted from what I was doing. Then I'd spend at
least 15 minutes thinking about it, being irritated by the
same question day in and day out, etc.

Even after the decision was made, the interruption and
irritation made it difficult for me to get back on track with
my work.

That same example played a part in my weekly shopping
list creation. In my house, I make a shopping list about once
each week, and my husband does the actual shopping.
Creating the list was a chore, because I didn't really know
what to get "this week", and I'd often forget to put important
items on the list.

So, how did I change both of these issues at once? By
creating a weekly meal list. I now sit down about once each
week - usually right before creating the shopping list - and
plan the meals we'll have on each day of the coming week.
With that meal plan in mind, I can then whip out the
shopping list without much thought or effort.

But the real productivity enhancements come from the daily
"What's for Supper" questions. Now whenever someone asks,
I simply open the meal list on my Palm, look at the particular
day, and tell them. There's no thought needed, no planning,
no looking to see what's in the fridge. No brainwork at all
is needed.

Now you might be wondering how these lists can be put to
use in a daily work schedule too, right? Well, my latest list
is what I call my "Daily Writing Roadmap". I've decided that
once each week, I will create a list of articles to be written
each day. So my writing list shows Mon-Fri, and each day
has a title or topic assigned to it. When it's time to write,
I simply look at the list, and see what's already been decided
for today.

I no longer have to look at a long list of ideas, and waste time
trying to decide which one I want to write about. I no longer
have to browse the web looking at news, trying to generate
good topic ideas. I've already done all of the planning,
brainstorming, and related "thinking" work. All I have to do
each day is look at the decision that's already in place...
then take action.

The same can be done for almost any type of daily actions
you want to take. If you're working on creating your Website
for instance, create a list called "Weekly Website Plan".
Then decide what exactly you will do on each day of the week.

Mon - Design website flow and usability
Tues - Decide on color scheme and layout
Wed - Create template and main page etc.

The trick though, is to assign an action to a specific day. If
you simply make a list of the things you want to do, even in
the order you want to accomplish them, you may find yourself
putting things off or questioning the order you currently have
them in. Thinking and planning is good, and needed... but it
can be used as procrastination tool. Having to stop and
think about what you're doing on a day-to-day basis can
cause a serious loss of time.

Lists like this can be used for a variety of purposes:
- The exact people you will call on a specific day.
- The exact project you'll work on each specific day.
- The exact customers you'll visit each specific day.
- Want to know whose day it is to use the washing machine?
Keep a laundry day list.
- Need to know who'll have the SUV on Tuesday?
Keep a Car list.

So what's eating your productivity a minute or two at a time,
and what kind of list can you make to solve that problem?
Try it... You might be surprised at how powerful that list can be :)

Related Resource:

HoneyDo! for the Palm Pilot -

(C) 2003, Kathy Burns-Millyard. All Rights Reserved.


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F*ree "How Stuff Works" Article...

Eyes on the Skies - How Air Traffic Control Works

9. RIDDLE - from the Riddlenut

How would you rearrange the letters in the words new door to
make one word? There is only one correct answer.

So... did you guess what it is?

Think and take a guess. You can see the answer further down
in this ezine...

10. Business Ads & More- Subscriber Exchange Ads


Please visit this week's Business Ads Page and review offers
our subscribers and advertisers are sharing with you. These
ads help our subscriber base grow and also help keep this
ezine  free for you just might find something of
real interest and benefit to you!

11. Home Business News, Resources, Tips:
Dr. Nunley's Biz-Tips
by Kevin Nunley

Get People to Remember Your Name

You probably don't realize it, but there are hundreds of
businesses, thousands of products that are household
names in each and every home across the country.

With so many, you may think there's not room for one more.
But with the right marketing, you can make your business
or product a household name too, at least among the
right circles.

Here are a few techniques to promote name recognition:

1. Bumper Stickers - Give our free bumper stickers to your
customers. But be sure to have them designed well and say
something clever, otherwise people won't want to put them
on their cars.

2. Sponsor Events - Sponsor as many events as you can.
Doing so can get you listed in brochures, on posters, on
t-shirts, and much more.

3. Become Active in Your Community - Participate in community
events and festivals, and get friendly with the media in your
neck of the woods. Once media know you create events for
them to cover, they'll promote you.

Read Kevin's FREE 10,000 ideas to market your business at See his popular promotion deals. Reach him at
[link removed] or (603)249-9519.


F*REE Magazine Subscription to Home Business Connection
Complimentary magazine with home business resources.

12. AD SWAPS and Other Tidbits

Work at home FOR yourself but not BY yourself!!
No Selling/inventory/home parties
Join an ethical family-focused company that values financial
security, social consciousness and complete health:
Subscribe to newsletter:
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Giftsprings Gift Certificates:


Giftsprings Work at Home:

13. Riddle Answer:

O-n-e w-o-r-d

14. Sales, Novelties, or Bargains Elsewhere:

Omaha Steaks Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale is going
on only through Sept 27th at a store near you...
Final Giftsprings deal:
Sad Sam the stuffed animal puppy with sad
eyes and holding a rose is just adorable!
You get a good deal when you buy him in
a package of 4! Get a couple for your kids and
give the rest as gifts for birthday parties during
the year. There's a good idea!
See this cutie here:

Have a great week!

Liz Hekimian-Williams

15. Valued readers... please be careful...

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legality of any third party's advertisement or content that
appears in any of our ezine issues or on our website. It is
the advertiser's or other  party's responsibility to check
all laws pertaining to the products  or services they
advertise and advertise accordingly. Claims of how  much
money others or you can earn may not be representative of
your earnings if you join or participate in any offerings
through us or through any other third parties. We encourage
you to support us, our sponsors, guest writers, and
advertisers but we also urge you to check out all business
opportunities and offers carefully.

16. Subscription Management:

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