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Dec 8, 2002

Hello again friends and welcome new subscribers. 
Here's your next issue of:
Giftsprings Specials and Freebies Ezine
December 8, 2002
Liz Hekimian-Williams
Publisher and Editor
(c) 2002 All Rights Reserved
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Table of Contents:
o Editor's notes
o Inspirational thought
o Freebie finds
o Ad swaps
o Featured Article: Cheer Yourself Up!
o Giftsprings featured specials and sale items
o Freebie finds
o Riddle 
o Ezineking subscriber exchange ads
o Featured Article: Lighted Holiday Potpourri Jars
o Affiliates
o Ad swaps
o Giftsprings Business Opportunity
o Ezineking subscriber exchange ads
o Riddle answer link
o Disclaimer
o Subscription management
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Editor's Notes:
Hi everyone. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday.
We had lots of food to enjoy and spent a peaceful day with our
kids and with my parents. It was the calm before the storm
because on Thanksgiving weekend we did dare to go
out into the malls and joined loads of other bargain shoppers.
We also had fun with our Giftsprings Thanksgiving Day sale and
want to announce the winner of our weekend drawing-
Antoinette Dowds- she won a Free Stitch plush doll!
Antoinette writes:
"My reaction to winning the Stitch doll was gleefully unexpected.
I bumped into your web site through catalog The gifts
were different than the usual mall toys that everyone buys.
I will most likely use this site again. Happy in Centre Square."
Congratulations Antoinette!
We are having a December drawing for a free gift too. Anyone
residing in the continental USA can enter, including present
subscribers. You might want to throw your name in the hat for
a chance to win...
If you want to buy anything and ensure ground shipping time for
arrival by Christmas, check our store policies area for shipping
times and deadlines for ground shipping that we've posted.
So guess what! My living room looks like a tornado just went
through it as we're in the midst of decorating our Christmas
tree and the house. Any bets on how long it will take me to
get done? Well, it has to wait a bit yet because it's Winter
Festival day at my daughter's school this weekend and I'm one
of the helpers that'll be in attendance. 
I've got two articles in this issue for you along with your
freebies, sales and bargains alerts. Read some ideas about how
to cheer yourself up in my article and another author shares
an easy to make holiday decoration that I think is an especially
good one for beginning crafters. I made a variation of it myself
this evening- it came out looking pretty nice and quite festive.   
Hope you enjoy this issue... 
Liz Hekimian-Wiliams
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Inspirational Thoughts for Your Day

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.
I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this
world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances
they want, and, if they can't find them, make them.

George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950

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Feature Article:
Cheer Yourself Up!
Cheer Yourself Up!
© Copyright 2002 by Liz Hekimian-Williams
Would you like to cheer yourself up but don't know where to
start? Here are some ideas to get you started. You can
brainstorm and add more ideas too. Experiment with some of
these until you've made yourself feel better.  
Find a favorite little person, like your own child or another favorite
youngster to share 30 minutes with. Read a book together,
play a game, cuddle, tell jokes, or just listen to what happened
in their day. 
Get moving. Do some exercise. Even a simple walk around the
neighborhood will do wonders for you. It will stimulate important
neurochemicals in your brain to elevate your mood.
Pet and play with your dog or other favorite pet. Don't have one?
Have you been thinking about getting one? Maybe you can get
one now... or maybe you can just go visit your local pet shop to
see and pet some cute critters there.
Call your best buddy for a chat. Is it your mom, your spouse, your
neighbor or your childhood friend? It really doesn't matter who, as
long as you usually feel better after you talk with them, they are a
positive thinker and supportive in your life.
Arrange to visit with someone you haven't seen for a while. Plan
to do something fun together.
Take out some old photo albums and review pictures. Often some
of these will bring up pleasant memories for you, put a smile on
your face and lift your spirit. Or, think of it as a memory booster
as you're getting older and exercise your brain trying to recall
things and people of yesteryear again.
Go to the library and roam until you find a book or magazine that
looks interesting. Then check out the item, go home and read it. Or
read it while you're at the library for a change of scenary. No
library card? Every day is a great day to get one.
Go to the mall and watch/listen to the kids who are visiting Santa. 
Some of the things you'll see and hear will likely bring you
a chuckle.
Turn off or get away from whatever you've been working on
that's gotten you stressed out. Force yourself to go do something
else for at least most of a day. Go do something you've been
wanting to do but putting off because you don't have the time.
Just pretend you were deathly ill that day and so if you had been
you wouldn't have been able to do that work anyway. Since
you're not really sick, though, use your strength, and take the day
to do something you want to do instead. 
Find some ezines in your inbox that you haven't gotten around to
reading yet and do it. You probably subscribed because you
were interested in it, so finally enjoy a few issues, savor them!
Go get a haircut. A lot of folks feel better when someone fixes up
their hair!
Put some music on and move to that music. Yes, dance. It doesn't
matter if you're alone. Look at it this way, at least no one will
bump in to you or step on your feet. Oh, you're not alone, eh?
Well don't be shy. Get everyone in on the action if you want. Most
kids love to dance and they'll think mom or dad is the best for
having a dance craze party.
Do some fixer upper project you've been thinking of doing or
make some craft project you have in mind. At least go get the
materials for it. You'll feel you accomplished something positive
and have something to look forward to doing on another day. Don't
have a craft in mind? Search on the internet for craft ideas. I bet
you don't need help thinking up fixer upper projects though!
Schedule a date with your mate if you've got one. Look in the
papers and on the internet for ideas of holiday or unrelated to
holiday activities you could do while on your date. Bypass the
holiday shopping for this one. You want to relax, enjoy each
other, and have some fun.
Schedule a date by yourself if you don't have a  mate. Take
yourself out to see a new movie, to a dinner theatre, or call some
friends and go bowling, play some air hockey or pool.
Drive to a scenic location and take in the sights. Mountains,
oceans, a lake, the forest, a park, wherever you feel good and
at peace.
Find and read some jokes and riddles, online, or in your Sunday
paper funnies section. Laughter lightens the spirit.
Draw some pictures or write. You can write a story, a poem,
your thoughts, a letter to someone, draw something for yourself,
for your kids, or just to release feelings and channel them into
something. If you don't know what to draw, but want to try this
as a distraction or stress relieving activity, just look around at
some home decor item or picture that you enjoy, and try drawing
that. Don't be critical of yourself, though. Remember, you're just
entertaining yourself, not trying to make a masterpiece.
Look at your surroundings at home, at work, and spend a little
creative time making them more pleasing to you. Change the
furniture or decorative accessories around. Shop for some new
interesting and pleasing accents to add to your decor. Then enjoy
your updated surroundings. 
Plan a surprise for no special occasion. Surprise someone special
with a card, a gift, something they've been dreaming about, or
something they've been needing.
Spend 10 minutes thinking positively. Think about all of the
wonderful things and people in your life. Think about all the good
things you've done or accomplished. Think of all of your positive
qualities you like about yourself. Treat yourself to a tasty treat or
beverage when you're done thinking about the good stuff to
top it off!
Now add more of your own ideas to try. Then have a great month!
About the Author:

Liz Hekimian-Williams is a loving wife, mom to three active
kids, a mental health counselor, and founder of Giftsprings.
She provides uplifting gifts and home decor products, articles,
resources and coaching to help others with home, family and
finances. Shop and free ezine:
Email author: [link removed]
© Copyright 2002 Liz Hekimian-Williams, All Rights Reserved
Reader comments? Send in some of your special "things I do
to cheer myself up" to share with other readers here. Also you
can share "things I look for when shopping online to get a good
deal and/or to protect myself" - Email me your ideas here and
feel free to include a short signature line if you'd like. 
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FEATURE ARTICLE #2 - Guest Author
Lighted Holiday Potpourri Jars
Lighted Holiday Potpourri Jars
by Rachel Paxton - [link removed]

Lighted potpourri jars are a festive addition to any holiday
decor.  They are inexpensive, easy to make, and make great
hostess gifts.


1 package Christmas lights (20-bulb strand)
Wide-mouth canning jar
Holiday ribbon
Pinecones, small holiday decorations
Doily or holiday fabric cut to fit over the mouth of the
canning jar
Glue gun


Plug in light strand and see if any bulbs are burned out and need
to be replaced.  Arrange light strand and potpourri in canning
jar while lights are on so you'll be able to get it just right
and be able to see what it will look like when it's finished.

Place doily or fabric on top of jar, arranging the cord of the
light strand so it's coming out where you want the back to be.
Tie some ribbon around the neck of the jar to hold the fabric in
place.  When you get it arranged the way you like it, use the hot
glue gun to glue the fabric and ribbon down in several places so
it will hold.

Decorate the outside of the jar with festive decorations like
pine cones or artificial holly berries. Craft stores have
a variety of holiday decorations you can cut apart and re-arrange
any way you like.

Experiment with different potpourri scents.  The lights in the
jar will warm up the potpourri and help the scent fill the room.
These jars are very pretty and will look different depending on
if you use clear or colored lights.  These are great for
last-minute present ideas or hostess gifts.  Happy holidays!

Copyright 2002.
Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom who is the author of
What's for Dinner?, an e-cookbook containing more than 250 quick
easy dinner ideas.  For recipes, tips to organize your home, home
decorating, crafts, and frugal family fun, visit Creative Homemaking
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