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Nov 22, 2002

Hello again friends and welcome new subscribers. 
Here's your next issue of:
Giftsprings Specials and Freebies Ezine
November 22, 2002
Liz Hekimian-Williams
Editor and Publisher
(c) 2002 All Rights Reserved
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Table of Contents:
o Editor's notes
o Inspirational thought
o Freebie finds
o Ad swaps
o Featured Article: Thanks for Online Opportunities?
o Giftsprings featured specials and sale items
o Freebie finds - Also Turkey Recipe
o Riddle 
o Featured Article: Guest Author- Walk with Gratitude
o Ezineking subscriber exchange ads
o Affiliates
o Ad swaps
o Wholesale club
o Giftsprings Business Opportunity
o Ezineking subscriber exchange ads
o Riddle answer link
o Disclaimer
o Subscription management
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Editor's Notes:
Well, I was having fun putting this issue of the newsletter
together for you and the computer froze as I was 3/4 of the
way done. Everything gone. So, back to the drawing board.
Don't know when you'll actually have this delivered to you now
but know that I'm trying my best to get it out to you soon. 
Despite this computer glitch, I'm very thankful for computers
and since it's Thanksgiving time I thought I'd reflect on that
with the Feature Article you'll read below. I've also
selected a guest author's article to include in this issue
as I enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you. 
It turns out my teen son's leg muscle injury, got better but
then got re-pulled when he attempted to rejoin the high
school soccer team. Guess it wasn't enough better after
all. So he's not going to be on the HS soccer team now.
Any suggestions for how to keep a teen busy and happy
when one of their primary activities is on hold for many months?
I'm open to ideas!
Have a wonderfully healthy, love-filled, and tummies full
of delicious food Thanksgiving holiday... and enjoy this
Liz Hekimian-Wiliams
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Inspirational Thoughts for Your Day

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!
Without a humble but reasonable confidence
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Feature Article:
Giving Thanks for Online Opportunities?
Đ 2002 by Liz Hekimian-Williams
Have you noticed that during the holidays a lot of us start
reflecting about our lives more? We think about the meaning of
life, our hopes and dreams, things we regret, and things we're
thankful for. I've actually caught myself recently feeling thankful
about my computer and all the opportunities being online has
brought into my life personally and in business. Have you?
I have to admit it. Even though I've been online for years, I am
still impressed daily by the expansiveness of the internet. There
are millions, or is it billions, of websites, information,
entertainment, financial opportunities, and such resources and
opportunities that are available to us online! If you're anything
like me, then you get just as excited as I do when you receive a
good friend's email, a great business lead, a shopping bargain, find
an interesting ezine to subscribe to or discover an intriguing
website you haven't seen before.
This reminds me of a TV commercial I saw once where the
fellow that was surfing online had a warning message come up
on his computer screen and it said something like "You've now
reached the end of the Internet". He was using a high speed
internet connection that helped him speed through the entire
internet until supposedly he actually reached the end! He looked
incredulously at the message. Wouldn't you?
Wouldn't it distress you if you ever had that message pop up on
your computer screen? That was it? No more new stuff?
What do you mean I've reached the end of the internet?!
No way, no how!
Fortunately, we have an endless resource at our fingertips,
full of opportunites for personal and business enrichment. And
there's no end in sight.
Think about it. Isn't chatting instantly online, or sending and
receiving email messages nearly instantly so amazing? The online
opportunities for strengthening and expanding personal and
business relationships are incredibly vast, and they have become
an important part of our lives. 
And business and financial opportunities are everywhere! You
can hardly check your email or go website viewing without
getting some pitch about a business opportunity. Sometimes
these are unwelcome, or a scam. Sometimes it's quite the opposite
and good opportunities arise. 
There are some truly legitimate and worthwhile resources
and opportunites for folks who wish to establish an online small
business of their own. There are ways to make extra money
online, perhaps even a great deal of money and reach towards
financial independence. Starting an online business is not easy,
but if you use the right resources, learn the ropes, and
persistently develop your business, it can be fun and lucrative.
Yes, these are interesting and exciting times online. There's
always something new to discover, someone new to connect
with, and new opportunities with every click. So, this holiday
season, along with giving thanks for all of your offline blessings
and opportunities, also remember to give thanks for your
online ones.  
About the Author:

Liz Hekimian-Williams is a loving wife, mom to three active
kids, a mental health counselor, and founder of Giftsprings.
She provides uplifting gifts and home decor products, articles,
resources and coaching to help others with home, family and
finances. Shop and free ezine:
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a courtesy copy of any publication in which the article appears. 
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Cook 4 hrs. on high and 2 on low to medium or till done. This doesn't
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FEATURE ARTICLE #2 - Guest Author
Walk with Gratitude

Joyce Moseley Pierce

During this season of gratitude and thanksgiving,
I wanted to write about something we do every day
with very little thought.  Something we’ve been
doing since we were very small.  Most of us did
it before we even talked.  I’m talking about

The way I see it, there are basically four reasons
we walk

1.Travel – To get from one place to another. 
We don’t even think about getting up each morning
and walking from our bed to the bathroom, but I
watched my elderly grandmother as an invalid for
many years and gained an appreciation for my ability
to get up and go wherever I wanted without help from
anyone else.

2.Pleasure – I remember taking walks with my
grandfather and my dad as a child, and that
tradition has continued with my own grandkids.
When the grandkids come to visit, they love to
walk down to the lake in our neighborhood to feed
the ducks.  Part of the enjoyment, I believe,
is just being away from everyone else.  We walk,
we talk, and we just enjoy one another’s
company.  When I was in Las Vegas for the
birth of a new granddaughter, I walked the other
two kids to school one day.  My granddaughter,
Olivia, who was 5 at the time, stopped other kids
along the way to say, “My grandma is walking me
to school.”  She was so proud, and I am so thankful
to have the health to be able to walk with her.

3.Exercise – Walking is one of the best ways to
exercise.  You can walk at the pace you need to
reach the desired heart rate.  All you need is a
pair of good walking shoes.  No clubs to join. 
No classes to attend.  You can walk during the
day or at night.  Inside or out.  In the mall or
on a treadmill.  If you need more of a challenge,
you can carry a backpack with additional weight,
or you can swing your arms to raise your heartrate. 
You will find that your legs have to move as fast
as your arms.  Even if you’re uncoordinated, it is
impossible for your legs not to follow your arms. 
Try it. 

4.Peace of mind –  You’ve heard of the “fight or
flight” response?  When I am upset or when I have
things to work out in my mind, I go for a walk. 
I may start out stomping as I try to release
anger, but by the time I get back home, I have
worked through it and my mind has been cleared
so that I can think rationally.  Instead of sitting
in a chair stewing about a problem, or getting
into a fight with someone, walking can be great therapy,
and you may be able to find a rational way to resolve
the problem.

I suppose walking is one of those things I’m especially
grateful for because when I was a year old my mother
realized I wasn’t walking properly.   It looked
like one leg was longer than the other, but the actual
problem was that the leg hadn’t joined the hip properly. 
After tearfully pleading with other family members who
wanted to deny there was anything wrong with their
little girl, she made an appointment with an orthopedic
surgeon and I was put in a body cast that went from under
my arms to my knees.  I spent the next year in that
cast.  I probably weighed as much as my mother did with
that plaster cast.  As an adult, my aunts and uncles told
me about how horrified they had been when they saw
"the horrible cast" and feared it would keep me from doing
things other one year-olds did.  They told of their joy
when they saw that I not only learned to walk, but run and
climb in spite of the challenges I had.

Probably the most valuable lesson from that experience
was that I learned that with encouragement, I could not
only walk, but I was given the confidence to believe
that I could do anything.

On Thanksgiving when you stuff yourself with turkey,
instead of curling up on the couch and taking a nap,
think about taking a walk instead.  It will help
revive you and give you the time you need to think
about the things you’re grateful for.

Copyright 2002 Joyce Moseley Pierce 
[link removed]
Joyce is a freelance writer and owner of Emerson Publications.
She is the creator of "All They'll Need to Know," a workbook
to help families record personal and financial information.
She is also the editor of The Family First Newsletter, an
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