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Tips for Families: Melt the Stress of Holiday Shopping

By Liz Hekimian-Williams

Is this a bit eary arriving in your mailbox? I think not. That is, if you want to have less stress while holiday shopping.

Now is the best time for you to get a head start on tips and tricks to lower your holiday shopping stress level. No sense in getting these tips when it's crunch time already. You KNOW you'll be exasperated by then!

These tips are especially useful for families with children.

1. Schedule some shopping time WITH the kids to share the spirit of the holidays and emphasize the giving nature of the season.

2. Schedule some shopping time WITHOUT the kids so you can buy things that are more challenging to get when their precious eyes and sensitive ears are nearby.

3. Go shopping online after the kids go to sleep. Some folks might even wander into the dark in search of an open 24 hour neighborhood store. I'd recommend the safety of at-home shopping though, especially late at night. It's relaxing, there are no crowds and you can even wear your slippers!

4. Go neighborhood store or online shopping while the kids are at school or while your spouse or a grandparent is enjoying time with them.

5. By early November begin having a few dinner conversations about the holidays and discuss what folks have in mind for one another in terms of any gift ideas. Make sure you include the disclaimer that we don't always get what we wish for but you never know...

In many families, it is explained that family members enjoy giving each other some gifts during the holidays. Others also discuss religious significance and spiritual gifts that can be given and received as well. Don't forget the neighbors, church, synagogue, and non-profit organizations in town when you're considering gift-giving. Remember that gifts come in many forms, including service or volunteer time.

6. Make shop and play dates on the calendar with your family. Every two weeks circle a day with plans to shop a little and then do something fun together. Maybe you'll want to do some fun holiday oriented activity on that day. Keep an eye out for holiday celebrations or specialevents that you could combine with your outing.

7. Get ahold of your Thanksgiving newspaper and plan on saving some serious money by going bargain shopping at Day after Thanksgiving Day sales. Read through the ad inserts and plot your priorities for the sales and specials. There are incredible giveaways and percent off sales on that one day per year.

If you go to the Day after Thanksgiving shopping...

*Choose the most important items you want to try to nab and plan on going to the store you want your priority items from FIRST. Then as time and energy allows you'll make your rounds to the other stores. *Go to bed at a reasonable time and get up EARLY to be at your most important store at least 15 minutes before they open. You will most likely be standing in line with fellow bargain hunters. Go early because there are often limited quantities of the giveaway or super bargain priced sale items.

*Put yourself in the right mood for the mayhem of shoppers and lines by facing it with some humor and adventure. Remind yourself that you're bringing home great items at excellent prices. Avoid Day after Thanksgiving shopping, though, if you normally become agitated even with your usual shopping trips.

8. Check online stores for sales and specials throughout the season. Maybe you'll even be able to do some Day after Thanksgiving bargain shopping at home in your pajamas after all...

So keep your cool, manage your holiday shopping stress and stay relaxed. Then you'll have enough emotional and physical health so you can embrace the best gifts, and enjoy special time with your family and your friends.

About the Author:

Liz Hekimian-Williams is a loving wife, mom to three active kids, a mental health counselor, and founder of Giftsprings. She provides uplifting gifts and home decor products, articles, resources and coaching to help others with home, family and finances. Shop and free ezine: http://www.Giftsprings.com

Email author: mailto:Lizrhw@giftsprings.com

© 2002 Liz Hekimian-Williams


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01:18AM Apr 26,2015
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