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Let's Add the Spice - Appreciating New and Old Adventures

By Liz Hekimian-Williams

Funny what we enjoy sometimes. We went on a road trip from Florida to Georgia and found some hills en route to my son's out of state soccer tournament.

Yup, we were happy with hills! OK, that doesn't sound very interesting normally, but we're from the flat terrain of Florida.

If you haven't been to Florida, maybe you don't realize this- but although it's beautiful here with sun, pelicans, palm trees, waterways, and warm, soft sandy beaches, we really don't have much in the way of hills.

So the change in landscape was noteworthy and we took some time to appreciate it. Although those Georgian hills were nothing like the mountains in Colorado, we enjoyed the change of pace.

We walked and ran up and down a few hills for a couple of days now and then (OK- I'll admit it- my daughter yanked me up the hill by hand on a "fun" walk, with me protesting half the way up and maybe it WAS only she that ran!)

But it WAS kinda fun and it brought back pleasant memories of sleding down a hill in New York, rolling down grassy hills and such childhood treats.

So how about a challenge for you this month- try a new experience, let's get some change of pace happening for you to enjoy. Notice something new or renew doing something that you've not tended to do for a long while. Is there something you might be overlooking?

Could you go visit that little town or that park you've heard of and want to go see someday but haven't had a chance to go yet? Is there a day trip you could take to enjoy some new sight, sound, touch, taste or feeling?

Could you look at some old photographs and reminisce or finally send those reprints to that relative you had wanted to send them to a year ago?

Could you change your outlook on the Fall and Winter holiday season and make some changes in how you prepare and plan this time around to notice the differences?

If you are normally an early shopper and preparer, what would it be like to be a late shopper this year? If you are the opposite of that, and usually a last day shopper, what would it be like to be an early shopper this time around?

How about calling an "old" friend you've lost track of?

New adventures. A spice for life.

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Liz Hekimian-Williams is founder of Giftsprings.com, a licensed mental health counselor, a loving wife and mom to three active kids. She values family life and encourages others who wish to work at home to improve their family and financial situations. Liz is editor of: Giftsprings Specials and Freebies Visit her website: http://www.Giftsprings.com Contact the author by email: Lizrhw@giftsprings.com


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04:45PM Apr 25,2015
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