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Store Status Updates


We have rolled out our new website - we hope you like the new look and the new features. If you want, you can still visit the old site (However, it will not behave very well - many of the links will send you to the new website, and because many of the internal pieces have moved, the appearance has also changed a bit)

Some of the new features include
  • Redesigned the look-and-fele of the website.
  • If you create a customer account (it's free), you can view your previous (going forward)
  • Your basket contents are displayed, and you can calculate shipping costs from there
  • Your recently visited items are displayed
  • The Search has been significatly enhanced. You can sort the results by price, restrict your search to specific categories, and much more.
  • We have made many behinds-the-scenes improvements, so the pages load much faster.
Let us know what you think...


We are in the process of converting/upgrading Giftsprings, so this website is a work in progress. We are hoping to go live with the new layout very soon.

...if you see something you like and would like to order it, please visit our 'real' website (Inventory and pricing is not being updated on this site)
...if you have comments or any feedback on the new site, email us as at

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