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Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

1. "How do I change quantities and review what's in my shopping basket?"

2. "How do I check out? I don't see the checkout button."

Answer for Q1 and Q2: Look along the top of every page and you'll see a blue horizontal navigational menu bar. That's where you'll find both the 'Basket Contents' and 'Checkout' words that you can click on. (For example, on this page, look above the big words Contact Us and slighly right to see the word Checkout) To review or change quantities click 'Basket Contents'. To finish and check out click 'Checkout'.

3. "The computer's not working (or...the website's not taking my order...or... I'm afraid to order online...) Is there another way to get you my order?"

Answer: The best way is to order online and pay online. Sometimes technical problems are fleeting and temporary and you can just try again later or tomorrow. But if something is still not working for you for some reason, or, you still don't want to order online, feel free to print an order form, fill it out with your credit card payment information, sign it and fax it to us at 813-969-4387. Make sure you write the correct name on your credit card and billing information and also the shipping name and address correctly. - See further below under "Fax number" where you can click the link for the order form you need, typically the retail order form (unless you are a registered wholesale customer). We do not recommend mailing it in with a check because items can become out of stock in the time that it can take for mailing time and for checks to clear the banks so then we wouldn't be able to fulfill your order if the item becomes out of stock by then.

Our Hours

Giftsprings is a trusted online shopping site for today's modern shoppers who enjoy the ease and convenience of shopping online. Customers order online through our web catalog store at and do so at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All orders ship directly to customers (even if you live within the vicinity of our business address there is no showroom you can visit or warehouse you can pick-up from). Also, the recommended method to contact us about any questions you may have or for any assistance you may need is via email to our support email address. If you are interested in contacting us, please keep in mind that we are closed on weekends and on major USA holidays. We also traditionally have an after Christmas/end of calendar year inventory updating/holiday closure approximately during the last week of December. Exact dates are posted as that time nears. Any other updates regarding holiday closures, when necessary, are posted on this Contact Us page or may also be posted in our Store Status page.

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